Tither’s Confession

Jesus, my Lord and my High Priest, I present my tithe, the first part of all my increase to You today! I rejoice and thank You in all of the good which You have given to me and my household.

I have obeyed Your voice and done according to all You commanded me to do. I receive Your blessing as I come to you as a tither! I expect You to perform Your Word unto me as You said.

I confess that the windows of heaven are open to me and that blessings are being poured out on my house that there is not room to contain it. I confess the devourer is rebuked for my sake and that the fruit of my ground cannot be destroyed. Nations will call me blessed.

Today I am expecting God’s supernatural increase and I walk in it by faith!

I call it done in Jesus’ name and I praise and thank You it is so!


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